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Walking Rules and Site Plan

Trail Map.jpg
Site Plan.jpg
Rules and Tips on How to Use the Park


  • Walk on the Asphalt Path only.  

  • Walking Path: Plan one (1) hour to complete the walking path.  Take our asphalt-surfaced Easy Path Trail only.  It is two (2) miles in length.  There are no stairs on the trail.  The benches along the way allow resting points and parties of varying abilities to split up and quickly regroup.  You will have fantastic views from many angles. 

  • Do Not Go to the Golf Greens.

  • Do not remove anything natural or otherwise from the park.

  • Do not destroy, touch, sit on, scribble, doodle or deface the miniature sculptures displayed in the Gardens and any other property in the Gardens.  We are installing 24 hour surveillance systems.

  • Children under the Age 13 must be accompanied by Adults.

  • The above is the site plan for the Property, and the Plan shows the boundary of our property.  Please do not enter the neighbors' property; it could constitute a trespass.  Even though the most of our neighboring properties are owned by the Town of Brunswick, some of them are not owned by the Town.

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