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We open between 7:30 AM and 4 PM for walking, Saturday and Sunday only.

With the exception of Memorial's Day (Monday), in which the trail will also be open.

Troy Botanical Garden is ideal for an invigorating walk or a relaxing moment with family and friends.

Walk 1 hour on our 1.5 mile walking path, watching trees, flowers, wildlife and miniatures, and feel the calming of the Nature while you hike our gardens.  Let the clean air fill your lungs.  Our Garden is 50 acres.

Hours for "Walking" 


Sat. – Sun. 8am – 4pm  (Mon. – Fri.  Closed)

Entrance Fees for "Walking"

Adult: $6.00
Seniors (65 or Older): $4.00
Teen (Age 13-18): $ 4.00 

Child (Age 4-12): $ 2.00* 

Kids (3 or Younger): Free*

* Must be accompanied by


Hours for "Breakfast Buffet" 

Sat. – Sun.  7:30 am –12pm  (Mon. – Fri.  Closed)


Adult: $13.50
Seniors (65+): $11.50

13-18: $11.50

7-12:  $7.00*
Kids (Under 7):  Free*

* Must be accompanied by adults

Hours for "Golfing" 

We plan to temporarily close the golf course as we desire to improve the Grass conditions. 


Currently, we are not using any chemicals to maintain the grass.

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