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  • Coconut milk has a high-fat content which can have an excellent moisturising effect when applied topically to dry skin, and it also acts as a sealant to lock in moisture and hydrate. It's easily absorbed, smoothes skin cells, and the fats help maintain your skin's elasticity.
  • High levels of Vitamin C maintain skin elasticity and flexibility.
  • Can be used as a foot scrub to moisturize and soothe rough and dry feet. It helps to remove dry and flaky skin on the feet, leaving them soft and smooth
  • Coconut milk is loaded with fats, nutrients and minerals. Being rich in protein, it helps revitalize damaged skin. Coconut milk has a pleasant light scent.
  • Copper assists in reducing the appearance of age-spots, wrinkles, sagging skin, and wound healing.

Coconut Milk Body Scrub 10 oz

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