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  • Our body oil helps promote relaxation and peace, and may improve energy levels and focus. While fighting sore muscles this blend helps reduce the appearance of scars and improve skin tone and complexion.
  • For couples desiring a deeper bond - With every massage, ease into shared relaxation and dive deeper into intimacy, thanks to our non-greasy formula that amplifies soothing sensations.
  • For individuals battling daily stress - Let the therapeutic aroma of our signature orange oil, geranium oil and frankincense oil blend guide you to a new zen state of mind.
  • For athletes and active adults - Experience enhanced recovery, as our massage oil's lavender, orange and geranium oils blend targets muscle tension, improves your mobility and enhances your body's blood circulation.
  • IND PEACE IN OUR COMMITMENT TO AUTHENTIC, HOLISTIC CARE - Our cruelty-free, paraben-free blend ensures you enjoy a hydrating massage, with the fast absorption preserving every nutrient and making sure you only get the best.

Lavender Massage Oil 8 oz

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