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The Golf Course is temporarily closed for the Season due to the necessicity of improvement.

Daily Golf Rates

Seniors (65 or older)

$15.00 (9 H) $22 (18 Holes)

Monday through Friday


All Players

$18.00 (9H) $25.00 (18H)

Monday through Friday


Weekends and Holidays

$25.00 (9H) $35.00 (18H)


Golf Cart Rentals

Single User (1 in Cart)   $15.00

Double User (2 in Cart)   $20.00

9-Hole Golf Club


At Troy Botanical Garden, we’re passionate about developing and maintaining grass conditions and greens that allow you to have an unforgettable golfing experience while enjoying our various gardens. 

The beauty of the meticulously cared-for courses, the quiet of the fairway, the silence just before the driver connects with the ball. There’s so much to love about spending time on the golf course.

Golf Club Hours

May 1 through Sep. 30

  • Saturday – Sunday           8:00 am– 4:00 pm

Oct. 1 through April 30

  • Golf Course is ​Closed 

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