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Joseph Lim's Collection

Joseph Lim is an artist who has transitioned into music under the name O.T. Lotto. Joseph's pieces have been displayed in museums from an early age. They commonly depict different sides of his personality and varying perspectives on life throughout the year. These artworks have been collected from the years 2001 to 2009.

Tiger Eyye_edited.jpg


A Tiger's Target

This pastel crafted piece displays a tiger's eye, representing the flame in a driven and motivated child to make his mark and prove "false others" wrong. 


Lost Foilage

This piece represents the passing by of Joseph's favorite season, Autumn. Crafted at the age of 6, Joseph experienced the first year of his life where he could not experience Fall at it's full capacity due to school starting.



There's Really Free Will

Crafted at the age 12, Joseph gained a new found perspective in which he did not have to try and fit into the crowd. The self-proclaimed outcast began to end his days of fitting in and go through life without a mind to others.


Just Another Personality

Later diagnosed bipolar, Joseph had seen many sides of himself arise. Confusion was the centerpiece of this painting. Comparing himself to others, he wondered why he went from depressed to elated, and from angry to forgiving, ever so quickly. 



A City Corner

The empty streets and dark skies depict the loneliness that the asian artist felt growing up in an all-white school. The street corner represents the corner he was pinned to, where his only outlets were the quiet parks and baseball field.


Volume 12

Ronald the Rat is a character that constantly came up, as his birth year (1996) is the Year of the Rat. In this volume, Ronald was chasing his desires in fear, with the bully standing in the way of his return back home.

Ronald the Rat.png
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