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Help Wanted

Currently, we are hiring part time or full time workers as below.  We want persons who will work here on a long term basis.  We need "mature" and "responsible" persons who will give us a two (2) weeks notice when she or he quits the job for whatever reasons, and who will work ardently and honestly.

Ground Keepers for Golf Course and Gardens


We need "ground keepers" part time or full time.  Experience is not required, but some experience is a Plus. An understanding of landscaping will be "extra plus", but not required.  The hourly wages is $14.20 to $16.50, depending on knowledge and experience.  Responsibilities will include picking up trash from the property, turning on/off irrigation system for the field, mowing the grasses, and taking care of fruit trees, ornamental plants, medicinal herbs and flowers.  He should be willing to learn how to operate/maintain machinery and equipment.


Parttime.  We are creating a herbal garden.  We need a consultant who have experience with horticulture background.  She or he should have substantial experience in growing fruits, flowers, or ornamental plants and herbal plants.  Some academic background could be a plus.  Please send us your resumes.  We will keep them confidential.

Also, we are looking for a part time consultant who has experience in designing Japanese Gardens.

Dish Washers, Waiters and Waitresses and Attendants


Yes, we need part time waiters, waitresses, and dish washers, and attendants

Event Organizers, Website Operators, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Marketing persons

College Students preferred.  Some experience is a Plus.  Part times for the time being.  Please email your resume to  When you send your resume, please specify which area you are interested in working in.  We may initially pay around $15.00 per hour, depending on your experience and ability to execute the plans and thoughts.  We are looking for a long term relationship.   We need those who can help move our business to the next level.

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