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We provide a banquet space rental service for this Season, such as Baby Showers, Weddings, and Alumni Parties, and other kinds of group meetings like real state seminars, symposiums or family gatherings in our clubhouse. We have been this service for over 30 years. 

We charge a banquet rental fee of $8.00 per person for the upstairs and $5.00 per person for the downstairs.  This will include an unlimited amount of "fresh coffee" available to  all the members of the banquet meetings.    


You can bring your own foods to the banquet.  We do not have waiters and waitresses and will not provide them at this time.  We will have our coordinator present during your banquet event.  During the event, if you need anything from us, then our coordinator will help you.  But he or she will not serve the foods.


We desire to limit each banquet time to 3 hours, if possible.


1 Hour will be provided for the preparation for the banquet before the banquet starts. 


The downstair space is very private.  The space can accommodate 24-32 persons.  It has its own refrigerating system, Bar and TV screens. 


There are separate mens rooms and ladies rooms in the Downstairs.  


This is the clubhouse main hall. The space can accommodate any number of persons up to 120 persons for the main hall and additional 40 persons in the Balcony.   

Upstairs can have small banquets such as baby showers as well as large ones.  We have a dividing wall so that you can have a privacy. There are separate Mens room and Ladies rooms upstairs. 

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